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What are the symptoms of the car shock absorber broken?
Adding time:2017-07-02

 1, make the car in the road conditions on the road less than 10 kilometers after the stop, touch the shock absorber shell, if not hot enough, indicating that the shock absorber has no resistance, the shock absorber does not work. At this point, you can add appropriate lubricating oil, and then test, if the shell heating, then the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should add enough oil, otherwise, the shock absorber failure.



2, press the bumper, and then release, if the car does not jump more than one or two times, indicating that the shock absorber works well. I constantly look very resilient to bow and scrape, it is bad.

3, when the car slowly moving and emergency braking, if the car vibration is more violent, indicating that the shock absorber has problems.

4, remove the damper and the lower end of the upright, the connecting ring clamped in a vise, pull rod vibration pressure several times, at this time should have a stable resistance, pull up restoration resistance should be greater than the downward pressure resistance, such as resistance instability or no resistance, may be damaged or lack of oil shock absorber the valve parts, should replace or repair parts.

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