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Inspection method of shock absorber failure
Adding time:2017-07-02

Inspection method of shock absorber failure

The vibration test: the car parked in front of a smooth, hard press (vehicle engine cover) suddenly let go, body up swinging up and down in less than three times is normal. If it moves up and down continuously, it can be explained that the absorber may lose the function of the damper. The more serious the vibration phenomenon is, the more serious the damage of the shock absorber. In order to improve the accuracy of the judgment, it can be compared with the same type of normal vehicle to judge.

The manual inspection: remove the damper from the car, put a damper vertically, hand pull pressure uniform reciprocating piston rod of shock absorber, determine the damping force is abnormal, such as the feeling of no obvious resistance, can be judged as failure, shock absorber in contrast with normal air way, if there are obvious hysteresis phenomena such as card the damper has been damaged. To determine whether the shock absorber has an empty stroke, it is necessary to place the shock absorber vertically and determine it again and again after several times of tension and compression.

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