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Failure type of shock absorber
Adding time:2017-07-02

Failure type of shock absorber

Failure: the total or partial loss of shock absorber damping function without damping force or damping force attenuation greatly.

Failure can be caused by one or more reasons:

(1) oil leakage;

(2) failure of internal valve system of shock absorber;


Due to abnormal external force collision, the shock absorber piston rod bending cylinder (or even outer cylinder tube) touch flat caused death or seizure; buffer / spring and fall off damage will lead to damaged parts inside the shock absorber; rings due to manufacturing quality problems off)

Abnormal sound

In general, different response is called suspension system noise, mostly from the connection part is not tightened, ball / ring loose joints, even pressure tire high also can be mistaken for noise / noise; noise from the shock absorber itself is rarely the case, but when the shock absorber was failure, deterioration of working conditions when the internal parts fall off and loose and shock absorber rubber sleeve loose rings can also be caused by abnormal sound. When the piston of the shock absorber moves up and down, the "trace" sound produced by the oil should not be regarded as abnormal sound.


The damper is loose due to the reason of the shock absorber manufacture or the wear of the parts, causing the deflection of the wheel.

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