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2017 cijan development ideas
Adding time:2017-07-02

In 2017, the company will "cijan in mergers and acquisitions, both domestic and foreign markets, adhere to high-end manufacturing as" development ideas, to achieve rapid development.

Cijan is a company listed on the main board of Hongkong enterprises, in the production of automotive shock absorber, automobile gear and rail damper three industries. Under the jurisdiction of Xichuan, Haikou, Wenzhou, Ordos, Liuzhou, Italy and other 9 subsidiaries, with annual production of 20 million car shock absorber, 200 thousand sets of automotive arc teeth, 100 thousand rail transit shock absorber R & D and production capacity.

Cijan company always adhere to the independent innovation path, and R & D capability is an important support of independent innovation of enterprises. The company has 152 kinds of national patents, since 2003, has been rated as "the national PARKnSHOP auto parts supplier" for 13 consecutive years, and is in the leading position in the same industry in china. While adhering to independent innovation, the company also adopts the "going out, mergers and acquisitions" approach to achieve leapfrog development.

"Go to the world of high-end manufacturing, cijan" is the company's development strategy, which is an inevitable choice for China manufacturing. The Italian company after the completion of the acquisition, cijan companies use the company's technology and brand advantages, achieved good results in the domestic and international market development. Successfully entered the high-end automotive market in China, and in November 26, 2014 formally approved by the railway company, CSR railway absorber supplier, successfully entered the international well-known automotive companies abroad.

In 2016, the national economy downward under the condition of cijan company through structural adjustment, growth, achieve a contrarian growth, output grew 35.53%, sales revenue grew 35.41%.

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